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Below are the new language files for Nihuo Web Log Analyzer. Many thanks to the contributors! To use these language files, please download and save the file in "C:\Program Files\Nihuo Web Log Analyzer 3\Language" folder.

Arabic for v3.4
Chinese - Simplified for v3.4
Chinese - Traditional for v3.4
Danish for v3.4
Dutch for v3.4
Finnish for v3.4
French ( Contributor : Arnaud VATEL ) for v2.0
German ( Contributor : Andreas Steinbach ) for v4.19
Greek ( Contributor : George Makridis ) for v2.0
Hungarian ( Contributor : Geza Gabriel ) for v2.0
Italian for v3.4
Japanese for v3.4
Norwegian for v3.4
Portuguese for v3.4
Romanian ( Contributor : Laurentiu Nica ) for v3.0
Spanish for v3.4
Swedish for v3.4
Turkish ( Contributor : Faruk GULEN ) for v3.0

Haven't see your language on the list? It's easy to translate Nihuo Web Log Analyzer into your own language. You can do it yourself in minutes!

Email us your translation! If we choose yours, you'll get the Nihuo Web Log Analyzer Professional Edition for free... along with all the fame and glory from your fellow speakers.

How to do it:

  1. Open the file "nwlaeng.lng" in "C:\Program Files\Nihuo Web Log Analyzer 3\Language" folder.
  2. Save as nwlaeng.lng to nwla***.lng (where *** is the 2-letter language abbreviation from the ISO Standard 639 and adding a third letter, as appropriate, to indicate the sub-language, for example, cweng.lng), save the file in "C:\Program Files\Nihuo Web Log Analyzer 3\Language" folder.
  3. Then you can start to translate. Just type the correctly translated words after the "=". Please note to type only in single lines even if it's long, "return" and "enter" will cause problems.
    Note: English is a must in [info]session. The file must be in UTF8 encoding.
  4. Save the file. Now it's done! Restart Nihuo Web Log Analyzer and you can start testing.
  5. Send us the new translation made by yourself to get the opportunity to win a FREE Nihuo Web Log Analyzer!

Some Tips: Geez... what the heck are those symbols,such as %d,%s?

The symbols help the software know what to do. So basically don't worry about them and just leave them all there.

One symbol you will want to know about, though, is "&". When "&" is typed before a letter, for example "Re&gister", the letter becomes underlined on the regular interface screen. Therefore, please note to leave it there.

Do not add any carriage returns! Type only single lines. You can use "Word Wrap" option to help if you'd like.

Please send any translations and questions regarding language files to: support@nihuo.com.


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