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Customer Support & Bug Reports
If you have questions in using our products, please

1. take a look at the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.
2. try to find the answer in help documents.
3. email us at support@loganalyzer.net if the above fails or in case of urgent problems. Please provide the following information while you email us:

Your name
Your order ID and serial number ( if you're a registered user )
Name of product purchased and version ( It's shown in "About" dialog )
Computer information: (CPU type and speed, installed memory)
Windows version
FULL description of the problem you encountered

Question on licenses
If you have questions about buying a license or using the license key, please

1. read the info on the purchase page.
2. take a look at the purchase section of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.
3. email us at sales@loganalyzer.net if the above fails or in case of urgent problems.

Advice & Feature Requests
If you have any advice or good ideas for our software or web site, please inform us at advice@loganalyzer.net ASAP! We'd love to hear it from you! It's with your help that we can do better.

Business Cooperation
We are open to various levels of business cooperation.
Please email us at contact@loganalyzer.net.

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