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Log file names of IIS web server

Log file names use the first several letters to represent the logging format, and the remaining numbers to represent the time frame or sequence of the log. See the table below for details. The italicized letters represent digits: nn for sequential digits, yy for the year, mm for the month, ww for the week of the month, dd for the day, hh for the hour in 24-hour format (that is, 17 is 5:00 P.M.).

Criterion for New Logs
Filename pattern
Microsoft IIS Log Format By file size inetsvnn.log
Hourly inyymmddhh.log
Daily inyymmdd.log
Weekly inyymmww.log
Monthly inyymm.log
NCSA Common Log File Format By file size ncsann.log
Hourly ncyymmddhh.log
Daily ncyymmdd.log
Weekly ncyymmww.log
Monthly ncyymm.log
W3C Extended Log File Format By file size extendnn.log
Hourly exyymmddhh.log
Daily exyymmdd.log
Weekly exyymmww.log
Monthly exyymm.log

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