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What are normal hits and normal visits?

A log entry will generate a "Hit" on the web server. For example, if a web page contains 5 images, a visit on that page will generate 6 "Hits" on the web server, one hit for the web page, 5 hits for the images.

A unique user is determined by the IP address. By default, a visit session is terminated when a user falls on inactive state for more than 30 minutes. So a unique user may visit your web site twice and get reported as two visits.

If the visitor left the web site and came back 30 minutes later, Nihuo Web Log Analyzer will report 2 visits. If the visitor came back within 30 minutes, Nihuo Web Log Analyzer will still report 1 visit.

Web spider is used by search engines, also known as a crawler or robot, searches the internet scanning webpages to include in the search engines index. 

Stolen object report reveals cases in which your images and other non-page objects have been embedded in, or directly linked to by, pages on other websites. This does NOT mean that the files have been stolen in any legal sense. It does, however, mean that your content is being displayed, heard or shown outside the context of your own web pages.

For example, if an outside site places this code in a popular web page:

<img src=" http://www.yoursite.com/yourpicture.jpg">

Then your image will be displayed thousands of times, possibly without any attribution or permission on your part. This report is extremely valuable in identifying such situations.

If a visit and a hit are not caused by web spider or stolen object, we call them a normal visit and a normal hit.


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