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Microsoft IIS Log File Format

IIS format is a fixed (cannot be customized) ASCII format. The IIS format includes basic items, such as the user's IP address, user name, request date and time, service status code, and number of bytes received. In addition, IIS format includes detailed items, such as the elapsed time, number of bytes sent, action (for example, a download carried out by a GET command), and target file. The items are separated by commas, making the format easier to read than the other ASCII formats, which use spaces for separators. The time is recorded as local time.

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When you open an IIS-format file in a text editor, the entries are similar to the following examples:, -, 03/20/01, 7:55:20, W3SVC2, SALES1,, 4502, 163, 3223, 200, 0, GET, /DeptLogo.gif, -,, anonymous, 03/20/01, 23:58:11, MSFTPSVC, SALES1,, 60, 275, 0, 0, 0, PASS, /Intro.htm, -,

In the previous example, the first entry indicates that an anonymous user with the IP address of issued an HTTP GET command for the image file /DeptLogo.gif at 7:55 A.M. on March 20, 2001, from a server named SALES1 at IP address The 163-byte HTTP request had an elapsed processing time of 4502 milliseconds (4.5 seconds) to complete, and returned, without error, 3223 bytes of data to the anonymous user.

In the log file, all property fields are terminated with a comma (,). A hyphen (-) acts as a placeholder if there is no valid value for a property.

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Nihuo Web Log Analyzer also supports other log formats; See the list containing Microsoft IIS Log File Format and all other supported formats.

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